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Image of TERRAFLESH EP Cassette Tape

Feast on the meat of Terraflesh, the debut EP from Portland-based metal band SOUL GRINDER. Journey to the planet of pain with 5 warp-forged tracks recorded in the depths of the Bone Chapel itself. Paying homage to Old-School Thrash, Modern Death and NWOBHM, SOUL GRINDER has spewed out an oozing heavy metal nightmare. Cassette tape includes exclusive rehearsal set on side B

Guitar - Alex Avery
Vocals/Bass - April Dimmick
Drums - Kevin Ross

Tape Side A: Terraflesh EP
Tape Side B: Rehearsal

These 5 tracks (Dark Apostle, Bone Chapel, Hound of Doom, Terraflesh & Iron Crown) were recorded, mixed & mastered by Alex Avery Audio.
Artwork by PRILZOR
Cassette Tape by Skull Curse Productions.
Terreflesh EP Digital Release: July 31, 2017.
Terreflesh EP Tape & CD Release: November 18, 2017.