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The Band

SOUL GRINDER is a Heavy Metal band based in Portland, Oregon. Formed in 2016, SOUL GRINDER unleashes a barrage of Metal madness with ripping vocals & brooding bass by April "Prilzor" Dimmick, crushing guitar by Alex Avery & thrashing drums by Kevin Ross. Chaos ensues amid their songs that paint gruesome pictures of war, fantasy, entropy, power & beyond.

In July 2017, SOUL GRINDER released their debut EP Terraflesh. The five toxic tracks (Dark Apostle, Bone Chapel, Hound of Doom, Terraflesh & Iron Crown) pay homage to Old-School Thrash, Death & NWOBHM with a modern Metal sound. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Alex Avery Audio & album artwork by Prilzor. Terraflesh is a raw, unbridled onslaught conjured by this tumultuous trio!

Art & logo by Prilzor

"Finally popping my copy of Terraflesh into the deck this shit is absolutely insane - this is exactly how Heavy Metal should sound what a fuckin banger"


“Portland’s Soul Grinder are a Portland Thrash Metal three-piece fronted by our own Prilzor. Prilzor is one of the best front-women I’ve seen in a while - she gives 110% & goes for as many different vocal styles & intonations as possible in a way that brings to mind King Diamond, Savatage & Candlemass & she hits the notes. It becomes easy in assembling art based in the past to just take all the best bits & do them well enough to pass - wear the right clothes - get the right hairdresser & all that - you’ve got a mildly successful band. What I see with Soul Grinder that plays into the “true” nature of the band is that they immediately take risks & aren’t just making another acceptable Metal band - they’re doing stuff that is difficult for them to pull off & it’s exciting to watch them take risks & accept the great challenge of art. This is a demo - so they’re not totally tight yet & it’s not perfect - but perfection in Metal is passe & real passion & risk taking is the new currency & Soul Grinder are sitting on a dragon’s hoard of that. Also - the Sole Grinder - haven’t heard of this sandwich yet - but it sounds good!”


“Starts off with a pretty simple catchy riff with your classic bass and drums build-up. Aggressive female vocals enter which are addictive as hell to listen to, good mix of rough, clean and scratchy, kinda remind me of Doro mixed with Holy Moses with more sudden grunts n’ growls. The guitars start getting more killer too, heavy and sludge-groovy almost like middle era Satyricon. I don’t know what else to say, shits catchy.”

-ROB DROKKER ON "BONE CHAPEL" Headsplit Magazine

“Wise performers understand that spectacle is just as important, if not more important, than the music. A band’s musical talent can be immense, but if they stand onstage motionless and expressionless in a pair of khakis and a sweater, said talent is essentially wasted. Upon witnessing a performance from Portland’s Soul Grinder, it’s clear these metal fiends know exactly what it takes to hold an audience’s attention. Bassist/vocalist April “Prilzor” Dimmick commands the stage like Trash from Return of the Living Dead: She feathers her florescent green hair to the ceiling, paints her face with colorful, blacklight-activated face paint, and grits her teeth like a demon throughout their set. The theatrical potential of metal is not lost on Soul Grinder, and their music goes right along with their ghastly image. Their 2017 EP Terraflesh is five songs of vicious, filthy heavy metal. Prilzor’s vocals are a cross between the vibrato of Betsy Bitch and the evil sneering of King Diamond. Guitarist Alex Avery and drummer Kevin Ross round out the band’s sound with the hopelessness and heaviness of a dank dungeon. Soul Grinder is the executioner and the guillotine all in one. You’ve been warned.”


SOUL GRINDER is currently oozing out new cacophonies within charnel depths of the Bone Chapel, with a new single on the way & a full-length album in the works.

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April Dimmick - Vox/Bass

Photo by Jed Hamilton

Alex Avery - Guitar

Photo by Jed Hamilton

Kevin Ross - Drums 

Photo by Jed Hamilton