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The Band

Photo by Peter Beste

Soul Grinder, Independent Metal band from Portland, OR, unleashes a uniquely foul Heavy Metal deluge with their debut full-length album:

The Prophecy of Blight

Recorded within the shifting dimensions of The Rift, mixed and mastered by Joel Grind.

Album art by singer and bass player Prilzor (April Dimmick)

Released July 5, 2019

In July 2017, SOUL GRINDER released their debut EP Terraflesh, paying homage to Old-School Thrash, Death & NWOBHM with a modern Metal sound. 

SOUL GRINDER took to the road in 2018, sharing the stage with The Accused AD, Thor, Haunt, Blade Killer, RIP, Savage Master and more. SOUL GRINDER has gained an international following, having toured Canada and the West Coast with Bewitcher and Roadrash.

April Dimmick - Vox/Bass

Photo by Peter Beste

Alex Avery - Guitar

Photo by Peter Beste

Kevin Ross - Drums 

Photo by Peter Beste

"Finally popping my copy of Terraflesh into the deck this shit is absolutely insane - this is exactly how Heavy Metal should sound what a fuckin banger"


“Real passion & risk taking is the new currency & Soul Grinder are sitting on a dragon’s hoard of that. Also - the Sole Grinder - haven’t heard of this sandwich yet - but it sounds good!”


“Heavy and sludge-groovy almost like middle era Satyricon. I don’t know what else to say, shits catchy.”

-ROB DROKKER Headsplit Magazine

“Soul Grinder is the executioner and the guillotine all in one. You’ve been warned.”


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